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Paint It Blue: Easy Kitchen Makeover




    There's nothing more dramatic, affordable or simpler than paint to transform a room like the once-humdrum kitchen of Shelterpop writer Emily Farris. Emily gave her discolored, grimy cabinets a new life by slapping on multiple coats of Sherwin Williams’ Mariner. Acrylic latex camouflaged the peeling laminate surface’s many flaws and the project cost a grand total of $87 (including $52 for a bottle of wine and two days of takeout since the kitchen was unusable for a weekend). We like the jazzy hue in the black-and-white space. Just make sure to take Emily’s advice and prime before you brush on a new color since it will spare you from having to apply more layers of paint. Read the Shelterpop post.

    Open House: Small Space Design With Christopher Grubb

    [OPEN HOUSE VID] Open House: Small Space Design With Christopher Grubb
    Christopher Grubb, interior designer and president of Arch-Interiors, reveals how you can live large in a small space. His tips? Fashion a multitasking room like an office that doubles as a guest room with smart, multifunctional furniture) and maximize Also, don't be afraid to use a bold wall covering on the ceiling since that draws the eye up according to Christopher. (Published Monday, Sept. 27, 2010)