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Adrien Brody, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Vying for "Fantastic Four"



    If you've seen "Fantastic Four," then you know they'll make a sequel of just about anything. And if you've seen the sequel, "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer," then you know the franchise is ripe for a reboot.

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Adrien Brody are your frontrunners to take over for Ioan Gruffudd (gesundheit) as Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, according to ScreenRant.

    "Predators" Trailer Long on Sizzle, Short on Steak

    [NATL] "Predators" Trailer Long on Sizzle, Short on Steak
    Sporting a cast with Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne and Alice Braga, the clip is two minutes of tease as we barely get a peek at the monsters. That said, it promises to be a slightly awesome, especially if you're into the whole "humans as prey" vibe.
    (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    Brody showed some action chops and a washboard stomach in the new "Predators," and he played a genetic scientist in "Splice," so he's seemingly got all the tools at his disposal to play the heroic super genius. Rhys Meyers is a good enough actor, but doesn't strike us as terribly heroic.

    Alice Eve, who recently dropped out of "X-Men: First Class," is rumored to be in contention with Amber Heard for the role of Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Girl. 

    New "Splice" Trailer Plenty Scary, Too Damn Long

    [NATL] New "Splice" Trailer Plenty Scary, Too Damn Long
    This cautionary tale about gene splicing and playing God in the laboratory stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley as a pair of biochemists who push the envelope. The new trailer does a good job of setting the table for people unfamiliar with the movie, but then sits down for dinner, clears the dishes and starts on the clean up.
    (Published Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

    And The Thing will mercifully be rendered entirely in CGI, a welcome change from that ridiculous suit that poor Michel Chiklis sported in the first two films.

    There's been talk that the film will be "Fantastic Four Reborn," but there's no confirmation. In any event it won't be here until 2012 at the earliest, so it's probably best not to fret about this too much. But it seems safe to say the third installment will be a marked improvement.