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Kid Chorus From Pink Floyd's "The Wall" Subject of New Film




    Surely you remember that super creepy chorus of children that sang on the title track of Pink Floyd's "The Wall." But would you watch a movie about them?

    "'Dead Poets Society' meets 'School of Rock,'”is how producer Andy Harries described his new project to Deadline.

    Harries has optioned the life story of Alan Renshaw, the music teacher at a London public school who was eventually canned after he got his students the gig in Roger Waters' rock opera.

    There is, however, a major stumbling block: Harries doesn't yet have the rights to the song at the center of the film. Whether or not Waters harbors any resentment toward the kids in the choir over their 2004 demands for royalties remains to be seen.

    If this film is in any way a success, you can be sure a movie about The Langley Schools Music Project in development toot sweet.