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"King's Speech" Writer at Work on "Games of 1940" and "The Judge"

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"King's Speech" Writer at Work on "Games of 1940" and "The Judge"


David Seidler poses backstage with the Oscar for best original screenplay for "The King's Speech" at the 83rd Academy Awards.

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"The King's Speech"

Colin Firth stars as Prince Albert, a man with a crippling speech impediment who suddenly finds himself the king of a nation on the brink of war. Co-stars Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Oscar Winner: Stutterers Don't Have to Hide

After winning the Oscar for original screenplay, "The King's Speech" scribe David Seidler says the personal stories of fellow stutters move him to tears.
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Fresh off winning the Oscar for Best Screenplay, David Seidler has moved on to two more films, one a murder mystery, the other about a POW Olympics.

Seidler has been hired to rewrite "The Judge," a screenplay by Nick Schenk ("Gran Torino"), with Robert and Susan Downey producing and David Dobkin ("The Wedding Crashers") directing, according to Variety.

The story revolves around a lawyer who returns home following the death of his mother, only to learn that his estranged father, a judge, is a murder suspect. Naturally, the lawyer sets out to learn the truth about his father, while at the same time reconnecting with his family.

Seidler's other project, announced a day earlier, is "The Games of 1940," reported Deadline, based on the true story of POWs in a Nazi prison camp, who hold their own Olympiad when the real one is canceled due to the war.

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