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Michael Fassbender's Panting an Unnerving Soundtrack to "Shame" Trailer




    Michael Fassbender stars as a man whose sexual exploits are thrown into chaos by the arrival of his sister, played by Carey Mulligan, who comes to stay with him. Directed by Steve McQueen, opens Dec. 2. (Published Friday, Dec. 2, 2011)

    Michael Fassbender's new film, "Shame," in which he plays a man with an insatiable sexual appetite, has been generating huge buzz on the festival circuit. Now there's trailer that's got us dying to see it even more.

    Directed by Steve McQueen, who worked with Fassbender on the Bobby Sands biopic "Hunger," the film tells the story of a man constantly on the prowl for his next conquest. But things get complicated when his younger sister, played by Carey Mulligan, arrives for an extended visit.

    It's not just the performances of Fassbender and Mulligan that have people talking, it's also the NC-17 sexual explicitness--the phrase 'dungeon sex' has been thrown around by those who've seen it, and Fassbender goes full monty in the film. There's rarely a huge audience for such films, but to Fox Searchlight's credit they claim to have zero intention of cutting the film for an R rating.

    "Shame" opens Dec. 2.