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Sly Launches Twitter Feed to Gloat, Talk "Expendables 2"

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Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, Jet Li and Randy Couture are a team of mercenaries out to liberate a small Latin American island from the grips of a puppet dictator and his ex-CIA backer.

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Having won the previous two weekends at the box office, Sylvester Stallone on Friday started a twitter feed to bask in his own glory and stoke speculation about the inevitable sequel.

"Just enjoying being number one at the box office two weeks in a row. Looking forward to this weekend. Tough competition," was Sly's inaugural tweet.

"Forty two percent of our audience is women. I never would've imagined that," came a couple of hours later, as he rightly expressed shock at the demographic of his recent film. Seriously, think about it: that means that roughly 70 percent of Sly fans actually managed to drag their girlfriends along to see it. We certainly hope the ladies at least got a nice meal out of the evening.

Stallone then took the opportunity to share some thoughts about the sequel his has been itching for since before the film's release:

  • "the hardest part of making action films is attempting to inject heart and soul.. bullets are easy , emotions are hard. LIKE LIFE ITSELF."
  • "I am thinking what would be the most dangerous places in the world to set the sequel?"

So? What do you think? Bruce Willis in the Korengal Valley?

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