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Tom McCarthy Penning "Home Movies"



    Tom McCarthy has yet to write a bad film, so news that he's been hired to bang out a fifth movie is to be celebrated.

    McCarthy has been hired to write "Home Movies," about a man who can travel back in time via his home movies and do things a little differently, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jared Stern ("Mr. Popper's Penguins," "Bolt") was the film's original writer.

    "Win Win"

    [NATL] "Win Win"
    Paul Giamatti stars as a struggling lawyer moonlighting as a high school wrestling coach who takes advantage of an elderly client. Things get complicated when the man's grandson, a champion wrestler shows up out of the blue. Co-stars Any Ryan and Bobby Cannavale, opens March 18.

    McCarthy's served as writer-director on "The Station Agent," "The Visitor" and "Win Win," and shared a writing credit on the brilliant "Up," so the guy gets story. Additionally, he's a talented character actor who's shown up in films like "Fair Game" and "Michael Clayton," and played a scumbag reporter on a season of "The Wire."

    Yeah, he occasionally pops up in films like "Little Fockers," but you don't pay the bills being an under-appreciated writer-director.

    "Fair Game"

    [NATL] "Fair Game"
    Naomi Watts and Sean Penn star as Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, the real life couple who found themselves in a fight with the Bush Administration about Saddam Hussein's WMD program.

    If you're one of the 300 million or so folks who hasn't seen "Win Win," starring Paul Giamatti as a lawyer/wrestling coach who ends up taking in a talented teen from a troubled family, do so--it's funny, touching, smart, thoughtful... and loaded with great acting from Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale and newcomer Alex Shaffer.