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$4,500,000 for

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$4,500,000 for

What Apple wants, Apple buys. So do most other huge tech companies, but this is all about a single domain name:

Once owned by Xcerion, a Swedish desktop-as-a-service company, it appears that Apple spent $4.5 million to buy the domain, according to

Xcerion has flipped its domain to as of April 5. So, if Apple indeed spent the dough for iCloud, and stories like this one are surging through the interwebs, well that's a heckuva return on investment, even if only for exposure to their service.

As for Apple, ramping up a cloud music service has been building momentum over the past few weeks as the company continues to line up major record labels.

The goal here is to compete with Amazon's Cloud Locker -- a goes-with-you service that may be vulnerable at present due to security concerns with Amazon's cloud service on the whole.

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