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Apple's Cloud to Rain MobileMe Music: Rumor

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Apple's Cloud to Rain MobileMe Music: Rumor

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MobileMe, Apple's play in the cloud-service space, hasn't performed up to expectations. Usually when something doesn't pop for Apple, they either kill it quick (well, hello there Newton) or revamp it and make it vital ($99 AppleTVs -- just in time for the holidays).

The latest rumor has MobileMe costing a nominal $20/year, supplying users with backups of their music purchases in the cloud -- a locker service, as The Music Void calls it.

While still a rumor, the move would pair nicely with Apple's new $1 billion data center. Another big indicator is the relationship between Apple and Warner Music. That could be used to leverage the other labels into position.

Apple, according to Silicon Alley Insider, owns 70 percent of the legal download music market.

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