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Flight Attendant Loses Job After Facebook Rant

A Cathay Pacific flight attendant loses her job after writing on Facebook that she wanted to throw coffee in a passenger's face, reports say




    A Cathay Pacific flight attendant reportedly lost her job after posting on Facebook that she wanted to throw coffee in a passenger's face because she was the daughter of a hated politician.

    The flight attendant, only known as Honey Lochanachai on Facebook, said she wanted to throw coffee in the face of the youngest daughter of former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, according to the Associated Press. She also posted a picture of the daughter's seating number of the Bangkok-Hong Kong flight where she was working on Nov. 25. 

    Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific said Monday the posting of a passenger's personal information was against the airline's privacy policy, and that the flight attendant responsible is "no longer an employee." The flight attendant said on her Facebook page that she resigned.
    In her post she wrote, "I didn't throw coffee in her face today but she had no clue that I will keep on fighting until your clan can no longer live like fleas on the Thai soil."  Shinawatra was ousted in a coup in 2006 and was convicted of corruption in 2008.
    Keep all this in mind if you're planning on ranting about a hated customer or patron on Facebook. (Probably also if you order a coffee on a commercial airline.)