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Indian iPad Competitor Sells Out at $55



    AFP/Getty Images
    Students seem to be the early adopters of India's UbiSlate tablet.

    One week into its availability, and it's out of stock. Pretty impressive, if you live in India and don't want an iPad. The upgraded version of the state-sponsored tablet computer has already sold out.

    The base model, offered at only $45, is reporting that India's tablet initiative is an unrepentant success. The UbiSlate 7 is an upgrade, with faster processor, etc, is offered at $55, but, still ... it sold out in one week.

    India is hoping to more of its population will have access to computing and the internet with the government-supplemented device. The UbiSlate 7 supports a SIM card, and doubles the processing power with a 700 MHz chip, as opposed to the 366 that is offered in the base model.

    To kick up interest even more, the tablet is offered with a leather keyboard, similar to Apple's magic iPad cover.

    This version of the state-slate is running Android 2.3, a slight upgrade from the base model.