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Verizon Takes a Bite Out of AT&T's iPhone Share

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Verizon Takes a Bite Out of AT&T's iPhone Share

A man holds the iPhone in a death grip.

Just how much did Verizon's launch of the iPhone impact AT&T? Try a 12.7 percent bite into AT&T's market share in the first month of Verizon having the phone.

Venturebeat reports that Verizon sold enough iPhones in just one month to reach double digits in the iPhone market share.

AT&T still controls more than 86 percent of the market but the speed that Verizon was able to make the leap could impact AT&T's future offerings to its current AT&T customers.

This despite reports that AT&T's iPhone smokes Verizon's version in several performance tests.

Venturebeat's numbers are based on a report by mobile ad agency Chitika, which can track the number of AT&T and Verizon devices registering on its network.

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