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Why First Official Facebook Phone Isn't

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It was right there on AllFacebook, the blog committed to following all things Facebook, "First Official Facebook Phone, INQ Cloud Touch, Debuts."  Only it wasn't true. Read a little further and you see the tell, "the closest thing there is to the first official Facebook phone."

While the phone may use a "Facebook-infused interface," there's a long way between being considered what Phandroid calls "Facebook-heavy" and being considered official.

I should know because I put the question to Facebook myself more than a month ago and got an earful about Facebook's mission and how none of it has to do with an official phone.

"Facebook is not building a mobile phone," a San Francisco-based Facebook spokesman told Press:Here. "Facebook wants to be on every phone and not force users to one particular phone."

After all, what does Facebook need with a phone when there's already an app on practically every smartphone and feature phone for the social network?

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