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iPhone 5 on 9/7; New Galaxy A Week Earlier



    NBC Bay Area

    With the markets doing their best Six Flags impression, the buzz and rumors around new smartphones and the battle between Apple and Samsung are somewhat muted. Somewhat.

    A Japanese rumor site, that MacRumors says is accurate, called Kodawarisan has pinned Sept. 7 as the day the new iPhone 5 is revealed. They're calling it a "big media event." (Aren't they all?) The date does coincide with past Apple events that have launched iPod iterations.

    Meanwhile, back at Samsung -- they of the 'Wars of the Patents' with Apple -- the new Galaxy S II will be revealed on August 29, possibly taking some wind out of Apple's sales, er, sails.

    The new Galaxy S is the most powerful Android model out there, specifically toe-to-toe with what's anticipated for iPhone 5.(Btw, Sprint is rumored to have landed the iPhone 5, as well.)

    If our 401(k) holds out, maybe a wanting nation will turn its lonely eyes to a new handheld just one more time before the holiday shopping season.