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That Didn't Take Long: New iPhone Rumor

Picked up that new iPad? Keep your wallet out -- rumors have Retina Display in coming iPhone.



    Rumors have a Retina Display in the next iPhone model. That makes sense, but just when it's released is a little fuzzy.

    An unconfirmed report -- and don't hold your breath for confirmation -- has the next-generation iPhone sporting a Retina Display, according to Reuters.

    A South Korean newspaper cites an unnamed source and publishes that Apple has revved up its product pipeline for a second-quarter unveiling of the next iPhone, replete with an eye-popping 4.6-inch display.

    That's a leap from the present 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone, but rumors have consistently said a 4-incher is on the way. Samsung does have a 4.65-inch screen on its Galaxy Nexus.'s Josh Ong calls into question the timing of the rumored unveiling, too, because that'd only be a six- to nine-month window following the release of iPhone 4S. Multiple reports point to an early fall launch for the new handheld.

    Steve Wozniak In Line For New iPad

    [BAY] Steve Wozniak In Line For New iPad
    Woz in line in Los Angeles waiting for new iPad release.

    Samsung and LG are listed as suppliers of the new glass -- suppliers that have worked with Apple before.