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10 Cities Agree to Tax Pot



    California Proposition 19, the legalization of marijuana initiative, supporter David Mieler holds up a sign during a rally at Sproul Plaza on the University of California, Berkeley campus in Berkeley, Calif., Monday, Nov. 1, 2010. The rally was sponsored by the Students for Sensible Drug Policy, UC Berkeley Chapter.

    Yes, Prop 19 to legalize and tax recreational marijuana went down. But 10 cities voted to tax marijuana.

    They are: San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, Long Beach, Albany, Berkeley, La Puente, Rancho Cordova, Richmond and Stockton.

    How can they tax what's not legal? Medicinal marijuana remains legal. Now these cities will tax it.

    Prop 19's defeat, by keeping recreational marijuana illegal, might even help these cities' coffers. With marijuana less readily available, its price should remain high -- and that means more tax dollars.