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Bill Aims to Keep Booze Out of Self Checkout Aisles



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    DES PLAINES, IL - MAY 09: A woman shops for wine in the wine aisle near a six-pack of Corona Extra beer in a grocery store May 9, 2006 in Des Plaines, Illinois. With new flavors and packaging, beer sales, reportedly, may be on the rise as it competes against wine, not only for shelf space, but also sales. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

    Would you leave your teenager with a key to your liquor cabinet? Does anyone even have a liquor cabinet anymore?

    Well, the state of California is hoping to rein in minors walking out of grocery stores with alcohol thanks to self-checkout aisles.

    The state Senate approved a bill that would require retailers to process alcohol purchases through the traditional checkout system only. The measure now goes to Governor Schwarzenegger for approval.

    Supporters say it will cut down on alcohol purchases by minors.

    Opponents, including the California Grocers Association, say self-checkout machines already alert store employees to check ID when a customer scans an alcoholic beverage. They say there's no evidence the technology has allowed minors to sneak through.

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