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Prop Zero Links: Monday, July 12

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Prop Zero Links: Monday, July 12

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Voters fill out ballots at a polling place in a fire station June 8, 2010 in Oakland, California.

Voter Paradox for Candidates: A survey asks presented respondents with 28 attributes, then asked those attributes made the respondent more or less likely to vote for the candidate. [SF Gate]

All by Himself: "If the mark of a real independent is lack of friends, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the quintessential nonpartisan in American politics right now," writes NYT's Jennifer Steinhauer. [New York Times]

Climate Law Battle Heats Up
: Lobbyists are weighing in on Prop 23, which casts the green spotlight -- once again -- on California. [Sacramento Bee]

Districts Back School Finance System Lawsuit: The lawsuit claims the system is unconstitutional. [The Sun]

Willing to Change:
More than 160 of the 188 schools on California's persistently low-performing list agreed to implement changes. In return, they get a cut of a $146 million grant. [California Watch]

Who Are These People?:
Interest groups have vague names and big money. [LA Times]

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