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Friday, Jan 4, 2013 at 3:58 PM
By Tamara Palmer

Learn to Build Modular Synths

Learn to Build Modular Synths

San Francisco shop Robotspeak offers monthly instruction on the lost musical art of building modular synthesizers. Learn how to make your own unique instrument. Read »

About The City
The San Francisco music scene is vibrant and eclectic; each district has its own vibe, its own rhythm, and its own social economy. The City: San Francisco Sounds is a blog that plugs the Bay Area audience in to local musicians and their music scenes.
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Seth's Affirmations: Seth Is a Powerhouse, Seth Is in the Moment

Seth's Affirmations: Seth Is a Powerhouse, Seth Is in the Moment

The “Late Night” writers were kind enough to write some affirmations for Seth Meyers to provide him with emotional support and encouragement.


Watch: "Tonight Show" Hashtags #HowIQuit

Jimmy Fallon asks "Tonight Show" fans to submit their story of how they quit a job via Twitter with the hashtag #HowIQuit.


Watch: "Tonight Show" Screen Grabs

Jimmy Fallon asks "Tonight Show" fans to send in screenshots found on the Internet and shares some of his favorite submissions, including a 1000-year-old grandmother and an interesting Pat Benatar album cover on...


Watch: "Late Night" Celebrity Spelling Bee

In this day and age, we know so much about celebrity lives thanks to social network and gossip magazine, but the real question is: Can you spell their name? Find out in this "Late Night" game of "Celebrity...

"Mitt in the Mirror" With Mitt Romney & Jimmy Fallon

Mitt Romney finally revealed why he isn’t running in 2016, ending his presidential aspirations. The 2012 Republican presidential candidate stopped by the “Tonight Show” Wednesday and chatted with Jimmy Fallon...

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