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Brass Knuckle Rocks Music Food

Food truck and restaurant collaborate on sonic meal

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Brass Knuckle's Knockout Music Food

Shellie Kitchen

Brass Knuckle's Fryin Maiden, a fried chicken sandwich.

Shellie Kitchen's Brass Knuckle food truck serves up fare inspired by musicians. Popular offerings include Fryin Maiden (a fried chicken sandwich dedicated to Iron Maiden), Prawns N Roses (a crispy prawn taco tribute to Guns N Roses), and Cheesy Manilow (wedge salad with cheddar dressing, an homage to Barry Manilow).

These dishes and more will be served at a special dinner on Jan. 17 at Trace Restaurant inside the W Hotel in San Francisco. Trace executive chef Paul Piscopo has been collaborating with food truck chefs in a dinner series called "Local Motion."

Piscopo and Kitchen have a large menu of sonic delights planned. Among them: The B-52 (rock lobster carpaccio and blood orange, named for the B-52s), Smoke on the Water (smoked mushroom tortellini with porcini broth in honor of Deep Purple), and Sunday Not So Bloody Sunday (nitrogen ice cream with assorted toppings for U2).

At $40, the meal costs less than an average concert ticket, and is likely to be more filling.

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