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A Tale of Two Farallons: Folk/EDM

Local band and producer share same name



    Courtesy of Farallons
    Farallons, the band.

    Not to be confused with the group of islands and sea stacks off the San Francisco coast, Farallons is a local band getting ready to record a debut album. And Farallons is also a local producer of trap and electro house - styles of electronic dance music (or EDM).

    As for the band, last year's debut Farallons EP and early live performances were all well received by local media and attracted a wide range of fans, some who gravitate to pronounced surf-rock vibes, others to the folk-like vocal harmonies. A Kickstarter seeks public help to raise $11,800 to put towards the cost of recording, engineering, hiring session musicians and producing both CDs and cassette versions of Farallons' debut album. At press time, the band has raised a potential $5,470 toward the goal, with 20 days left in the campaign.

    Farallon the EDM artist is the alias of Jay Jachinowski, who describes himself on his Soundcloud as both a musician and producer from San Francisco and Concord. He has just signed on with Revolutionize Records, a label based in Toronto and London with an ethos of nurturing and supporting new artists.

    Jam on, both Farallons.