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Wicked Sound System Marks 22 Years

House music event returns July 6

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Wicked Sound System Marks 22 Years

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DJ Garth and the Wicked Sound System return to San Francisco on July 6.

As Wicked Sound System, DJs Garth, Jenö, Thomas and Markie helped to raise a generation of Bay Area house music lovers and connoisseurs.

A collective of British expatriates who had soaked up that nation's rave culture, Wicked debuted in San Francisco with a Full Moon party on Baker Beach. It was a lunar tradition they would keep, later moving to various locations including Bonny Doon in Santa Cruz and inspiring similar renegade events in Southern California and beyond. They've mostly moved to different cities; Garth, for one, is pursuing twin careers in DJing and acting in Los Angeles, for example, but still maintain a musical and social bond.

The crew turns 22 this year and the DJs are celebrating with a reuniting "Return of the Prodigal Sons" party on July 6 at Mighty. The event is expected to draw a wide age range of Bay Area dance enthusiasts.

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