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Bochy Tells Beltran Not to Worry About Rolex

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Manager Bruce Bochy says he was happy to give his newest player is No. 15, saying it had sat on the bench too long.

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Carlos Beltran faced reporters Thursday just hours before hitting the batting cage with his new team the San Francisco Giants.

Beltran said he was excited to join the reigning World Champions in their push to get back in the playoffs.

Sitting next to his new boss, Beltran made it clear he was willing to make good on an exchange the two made Wednesday.  Beltran wanted to wear jersey No. 15, which was the number assigned to his new boss. 

Bochy said he was willing to give it to Beltran, if he got a Rolex in return. On Thursday Beltran told the gathered reporters that he just needed to know one thing: whether Bochy wanted it with or without diamonds.

Bochy quickly quelled any thought of him taking a watch in exchange for the number saying that was only a joke, adding the No. 15 had sat on the bench long enough.

"I didn't hesitate. I'm not sentimental about numbers. I'm not playing anymore. I wear a jack over my number. I want the player to be comfortable," Bochy said.

Bochy will now wear No. 16. He said that number also has no great meaning to him. He said he came in the league wearing No. 13.

And even though Bochy made it seem like it was no big deal to hand over the number, it is apparently very rare for a coach to do it.

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