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Giants Part of Presidential Voting Trend

The Giants and Barack Obama are part of an interesting historical trend relating to the World Series champions and the candidate who won the World Series.




    Raw video footage of the Giants Parade in San Francisco on Oct 13, 2012. (Published Thursday, Nov 1, 2012)

    Despite Donald Trump's protestations to the contrary, Barack Obama won the popular vote handily on Tuesday night. It didn't look that way for a while but that's because California polls close later than polls on the East Coast. (Yes, you think it would be obvious.)

    California's electoral college votes went to Obama easily. And the Giants' World Series victory, as a result, actually falls right in line with a historical trend.

    Raw Video: Giants Parade

    [BAY] Raw Video: Giants Parade
    Raw video footage of the Giants Parade in San Francisco on Oct 13, 2012. (Published Thursday, Nov 1, 2012)

    According to ESPN Stats & Information, there have now been 27 years featuring both a presidential election and a World Series.

    And in 21 of those 27 years -- including this season -- the winning presidential candidate picked up the electoral votes from the state hosting the World Series champion.

    It's actually much more common, historically, than you might think too. That's because two of those 27 years featured World Series champions without electoral votes. The Toronto Blue Jays (based in Canada, ay?) won in 1992 and when the Washington Senators won the series in 1924, Washington, D.C., didn't have electoral votes.

    So there have actually just been four times in the history of America where the state where the World Series champion resides didn't vote for the candidate who won the Presidential election.

    Giants Clubhouse in 2012

    [BAY] Giants Clubhouse in 2012
    From the day the gear rolled out to Scottsdale for Spring Training to the parade down Market Street, Giants Clubhouse was there for all the events that made the 2012 San Francisco Giants season one for the ages. (Published Friday, Nov 2, 2012)

    Take that, Redskins rule.

    Now the Giants just need to follow Obama's lead and pull off a repeat.