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Goodland Hotel: Opening Deal for Goleta Spot

The beachy chillaxed stayover is ready for its late August bow.



    Goodland Hotel
    Goleta's new Goodland Hotel opens at the end of August. Want to stay at the Kimpton property? There's a 10% off deal afoot.

    MEET YOUR RECORD CONCIERGE: Hotel staff members who assist you in the quest to have the very best vacation you can have have evolved over the decades. Once upon a time a concierge was a rather rare post to fill, or, at least, was a position only considered by the luxury properties. Then more hotels had the "may I fulfill your wish"-ers, and wishes were fulfilled: great seats at the ballet, the perfect French restaurant, roses for your honey. But what if your hotel is very much about unwinding, about a beachy vibe, about the pool and taking walks and relaxing with your dog and an easygoing evening social hour and yoga? The concierge is going to be a bit different, and so the position is, at the new Goodland Hotel, which opens in Goleta on Tuesday, Aug. 26. The Kimpton property, which is a former Holiday Inn, will have a Record Concierge on the employee call sheet. Oh, did we not mention the record player in each room? Yep, there's a place to place your vinyl during your vacation, and if you don't arrive with your own album suitcase -- you totally have one, right? -- you can ring the Record Concierge for a few fresh platters. We'd totally go "Abbey Road" to start with, right? Right.

    A STARTER DEAL: Along with a late-summer opening, The Goodland Hotel is throwing a come-and-try-us deal: Get 10% off your room and twenty five bucks towards a dining experience. The Outpost is the restaurant: Think seafood and local ingredients cooked up and served up in a "laidback" setting that is both indoor and outdoor (please, of course). There's backgammon and billiards in The Good Bar, and a get-to-know-other-guests social hour. Maybe you'll exchange record recommendations? That's a fine starter topic. For more on The Goodland's Goleta-esque, longboard-laden, let's-be-beachy look, and that ten-percent-off deal, surf this way.