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Jelly Belly Weekend: Candy Palooza

Look to two days of sweetness -- and wine for the grown-ups -- at Jelly Belly.



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    The Jelly Belly Visitor's Center will host Candy Palooza on Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29. Will there be some sugary tastes at the free weekend event? You bet. (Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

    FIRST FOODIE EXPERIENCE: We'll wager that many a young gourmand got their early start with mixing flavors and tastes and sweet vs. savory notes via a jar of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Even before our parents let us use the microwave or mixer, many of us were spreading out the various flavors of the Fairfield-famous bean, making little combos out of the candies. Think blueberry sundaes or blueberry popcorn or blueberry-cherry-licorice-cinnamon-chocolate pudding and a million different combinations. Or at least it felt like a million, at age 6 or 7.

    BUT... it still kind of does, right? Especially if you visit the Jelly Belly headquarters in Fairfield. The colorful sweets, the variety of soda pop-type varieties, even the strange beans like toothpaste and moldy cheese. Jelly Belly, in short, is the ideal place to host a Candy Palooza, and it will be doing just that on Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29.

    FREE, FREE, FREE: The weekend festival is free in many a way: admission, parking, and tours are all fee-less. You will need to stash some dough for a few things, like the Chocolate & Wine Experience. Yep, that's for the 21+ crowd. Expect tastings and vinos from the Suisun Valley winegrowers. But count on free candy samples during the day. Arts & craft booths, carnival rides, tunes, and more to-dos will fill out the sugary scene.

    YEP... Halloween, at least on the treat front, is arriving a month early. But for people who like to combine their beans into all kinds of offbeat flavors, that's a holiday that kind of sticks around all year long.