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Marin Show: Art of the Americas

Exquisite cultural artifacts go on display.

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Marin Show: Art of the Americas

The Marin Show

The 29th Marin Show: Art of the Americas will be on exhibit in San Rafael from Friday, Feb. 22 through Sunday, Feb. 24.

TREASURES AND ARTIFACTS APLENTY: There are a number of prestigious annual exhibits and art shows that focus on American Indian art, but only a few, like the Marin Show: Art of the Americas, have

now been around long enough to have the labels of "venerable" and "long-standing" attached to their names. The Marin Show is just a year shy of marking the start of its fourth decade, which is of note, but also of note? The beautiful variety of artifacts, sculptures, paintings, and collectibles that are part of the wintertime happening. "Variety" is a key word there; the Marin Show focuses on "Native American, Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial, Latin American, and Western art and collectibles" during its three-day run in San Rafael. Oh, and that three-day run? It's set for Friday, Feb. 22 through Sunday, Feb. 24 this year.

ON THE TABLES: Collectors, dealers, historians, art students, and people who simply want to soak in the beauty and history of the experience will be in the house over those three days. Participating exhibitors include Mata Ortiz Pots, the Marin Museum of the American Indian, Friends of Ethnic Art, Spirits of the Plains Gallery, and Turkey Mountain Traders. There are "over 150 dealers and artists" in all, so a full day, at least, is recommended for looking.

ADMISSION: A Saturday or Sunday ticket is $15 at the door. But definitely check out the Friday night preview party. Tickets are $25 each and the beneficiary is Homeward Bound. Details.

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