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Daly Talks About His Many Gigs on “Late Night"

Seth Meyers asks Carson Daly how he has time for himself when he works on so many programs. »


Meyers: Daly Talks New Judges on "The Voice"

Carson Daly talks to Seth Meyers about the new judges on the upcoming season of "The Voice." »


Franco Gives Fallon a Fan Selfie Tutorial

Jimmy Fallon gets tips from James Franco about the dos and don'ts of selfie taking with fans the "Of Mice and Men" star learned during his 12-week Broadway run. »


WATCH: Fallon, Franco Play "5-Second Summaries"

James Franco and Jimmy Fallon played a hilariously difficult game called “5-Second Summaries” on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” »


Meyers Talks Outrageous Costumes at Comic-Con

Seth Meyers talks about seeing many people dressed as superheroes at San Diego Comic-Con. He also explains that a stranger criticized his brother for eating beef jerky. »


Fallon: "5-Second Summaries" With Franco (Part 1)

James Franco and Jimmy Fallon get a few seconds to summarize movie plots to get each other to guess the title. Part 1 of 2. »

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