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A man who defeated Dave Grohl in a battle of the bands competition when the Foo Fighters' lead singer was in 9th grade reunited with the rockstar at the band's concert in Memphis, Tennessee, this week. 

"Tonight, the man that beat me in the high school battle of the bands — don't boo him, he's a good man, evidently a better [expletive] musician than I am — if you're around here somewhere, ... get your [expletive] up here!" Grohl announced at the sold-out show. 

After Grohl said it was time to get his revenge, Chet Lott, originally from Pascagoula, Mississippi, jogged onto the stage to help the grunge band sing a cover of Queen's "Under Pressure," according to NBC affiliate WMC

The rivalvry between Grohl and Lott—the son of Senate Majority leader Chester "Trent" Lott—started decades ago at Thomas Jefferson High School in Washington, D.C., in 1984. Lott is a respected Kentucky-based singer himself and uses his music to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims, according to Lott's website

"I may have won the battle, but you won the war," Lott told Grohl at the end of their set.

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<![CDATA[Colbert Condemns Cubs-Cursing Goats]]> Fri, 09 Oct 2015 08:26:24 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/AP763373860260.jpg

Stephen Colbert isn’t afraid of billy goats anymore – not after the Chicago Cubs' wild card win on Wednesday.

In fact, the “Late Show” host, who lived in Chicago for 11 years, is so inspired by the Cubs, he went on a rant against goats Thursday night, even going as far as kicking one out of his studio.

“I’m not scared of you knuckle-kneed sheep wannabees anymore,” he said. “Oh, that feels good. So many things I’ve wanted to say about your kind for years, but I’ve been too afraid because of the curse. Not anymore.”

He then went on to insult goat cheese and soul patch beards.

“What are you going to do about it goats? Curse the Cubs again? I dare you,” he said. “The Cubs are unstoppable.”

The infamous Billy Goat curse dates back to Oct. 6, 1945, when Billy Goat Tavern owner Billy Sianis claimed to place a curse on the Cubs to prevent them from ever hosting another World Series at Wrigley Field.

But as far as Colbert is concerned, the curse is gone.

“Now it looks like the days of the curse are behind my Cubs,” he said. “I think I can safely say without any fear of jinxing it they’re going all the way. The Cubs are going to win the World Series.”

He even made a 2015 Cubs World Series Championship T-shirt, featuring a goat.

But when one four-legged member of the audience didn’t cheer on his beloved team, Colbert decided to kick it out.

“There is no possible way this decision can come back to haunt me, or the Cubs. After all the Cubs are clearly the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.),” he said.

He then led the audience in a G.O.A.T. chant.

Whether Colbert’s daring messages will ring true this season remains to be seen. The Chicago Cubs begin their battle against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium Friday for the National League Division Series.  

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<![CDATA[Late at Night on NBC]]> Fri, 28 Aug 2015 09:00:30 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/AP24762024125.jpg

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<![CDATA[Jimmy Fallon, Brie Larson Play 'Whisper Challenge']]> Fri, 09 Oct 2015 03:23:18 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/215*120/Jimmy+Fallon+Whisper+Challenge.jpg

Both Jimmy Fallon and actress Brie Larson struggled to keep a straight face as they played a lip-reading game on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night. 

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<![CDATA[The Best Pictures From the Latin American Music Awards]]> Fri, 09 Oct 2015 13:32:11 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/165*120/AP768654230068.jpg Chart-toppers sang in English and Spanish at the Latin American Music Awards in Hollywood on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015.

Photo Credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]]>
<![CDATA[Seth Meyers Tests Kevin Millar, Sean Casey on Red Sox Rumors]]> Fri, 09 Oct 2015 04:08:44 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/Meyers+Red+Sox.jpg

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers asks Kevin Millar and Sean Casey to confirm rumors about Manny Ramirez secretly feeding the Red Sox Viagra. 

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<![CDATA[Seth Meyers Asks 'Is There a Speaker in the House?']]> Fri, 09 Oct 2015 03:53:07 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/Meyers+Trump+.png

To mark Rep. Kevin McCarthy's decision to pull out of the race to succeed House Speaker John Boehner, "Late Night" host Seth Meyer introduced a new segment: "Is there a Speaker in the House?"

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<![CDATA[Imagine John Lennon at 75]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 10:04:41 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/AP_6901010774.jpg

Some 2,000 people, led by Yoko Ono, gathered in New York's Central Park this week to form a human peace sign as part of celebrations leading up to what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday Friday.

It's a safe bet Lennon would have relished the spectacle, knowing from his Bed-in days the value of a gimmick to draw attention to a worthy cause ("Yoko and I are quite willing to be the world's clowns, if by doing it we do some good,” he once said). There’s also little doubt that the man who asked the world in song to give peace a chance and imagine life without war, would have loved the tribute – not to him, but to those ideals, which remain as powerful and elusive as they did all those years ago.

The bittersweet commemoration of a landmark rock-and-roll birthday underscores the enduring pull not just of a long-gone pop culture icon, but of the very real voice coursing through our ear buds with every play of “Revolution” or “Power to the People.” John Lennon lives on more as a man, with flaws and talent, than as a symbol – even if nearly 35 years after his death his ongoing impact is a sign of our times. 

It's tempting to imagine a world with John Lennon. It's also a somewhat selfish exercise – fans’ initial thoughts inevitably race to the music he would have produced, the concert tours he might have launched, the tweets he would have fired off as a soldier in the digital revolution, the causes to which he would have brought a voice acerbic, humorous and unfailingly honest. No what-if daydream, of course, would be complete without envisioning the Beatles coming together again to unleash a latter-day wave of joy.

We’re left to be grateful for the time Lennon gave us, a gift that keeps giving as new generations embrace the man, the music and the message – all as relevant as ever.

The Lennon legacy lives on through the lips of youngsters singing “All You Need is Love” as much as through Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr producing new music and playing the Beatles’ timeless songs in concert, honoring Lennon and George Harrison. Ono and her son, Sean Lennon, who shares a birthday with his father and turns 40 Friday, work with equal determination to keep his spirit alive.

The human peace sign that formed in Central Park represents hopes for a better future, as well as the power of memory, unity and possibility – all thanks to a working class hero, born 75 years ago Friday in war-torn Liverpool, who formed a band that dared to dream of being bigger than Elvis and wound up shaking the world. Imagine that...  


Jere Hester is Director of News Products and Projects at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. He is also the author of "Raising a Beatle Baby: How John, Paul, George and Ringo Helped us Come Together as a Family." Follow him on Twitter.

<![CDATA['Late Night' A Closer Look: Syrian Refugee Crisis]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 03:15:06 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/syrian+refugee+crisis.png "Late Night" host Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the Syrian refugee crisis.]]> <![CDATA[Teen Slang: 'Netflix and Chill']]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 04:03:27 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/teen+slang.png Seth Meyers explains teen slang: "Netflix and Chill" and "Muck Fuppet."]]> <![CDATA['Tonight Show' Photo Booth With Kate Winslet]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 23:43:09 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/photo+booth.png Jimmy Fallon and Kate Winslet take turns taking weird pictures with the Photo Booth iPad app and attempt to match each other.]]> <![CDATA[NFL Superlatives: Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 23:40:43 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/superlatives__629730.png Jimmy Fallon hands out superlatives to Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans NFL players.]]> <![CDATA['Jackass' Star Gets Jail Time]]> Thu, 08 Oct 2015 04:02:10 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/150809-steve-o-crane-hollywood.jpg

"Jackass" star Steve-O was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a stunt in which he climbed a crane in Hollywood, California, to protest SeaWorld and drew dozens of emergency responders to a construction site earlier this month.

Steve-O, whose legal name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges in court on Wednesday.

He'll serve jail time and probation, plus have to pay $14,000 in fines to the LA city fire and police departments, according to the City Attorney’s Office.

As part of his probation, he cannot use possess fireworks, even ones labeled "safe and sane." He was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the "Hollywood Entertainment District," and can't do any non-permitted stunts or pranks in in Los Angeles County.

He is set to surrender to serve jail time on Dec. 9.

Glover announced the sentencing on his Instagram account, saying, "Considering I've become a clean and sober, dog-rescuing vegan, I must say I'm ready to go to jail-- not just because it will bring so much attention to the plight of orcas in captivity, but because it's nice to let people know I haven't lost my edge. What can I say, I'm a jackass."

Glover was charged with one count each of creating a false emergency, use of unregistered fireworks, storing fireworks without a permit, possession of fireworks without a permit, and trespassing, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office said.

The charges stem from the Aug. 9 incident and a subsequent search of Glover's house, he said.

The 41-year-old scrambled up a crane at least 100 feet high on Sunset Boulevard, inflating a large killer whale balloon emblazoned with "SeaWorld Sucks" and lighting fireworks when he reached the top, police said.

Glover, known for his outlandish stunts in the "Jackass" TV show and movies, later climbed down and was taken into custody.

Because the first responders were not sure whether he needed to be rescued, five ambulances, a helicopter and more than 80 firefighters went to the scene, fire officials said.

Resources were stretched thin because firefighters were called around the same time to rescue the operator of a harbor crane who was stricken with a medical emergency, authorities said.

The performer was cited last year for another protest against the theme park. Glover said his demonstrations are in response to controversy over the 2013 documentary "Blackfish," which criticized SeaWorld's treatment of killer whales.

Photo Credit: KVEA]]>
<![CDATA[Top Celeb Pics: Paris Fashion Week]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 12:21:06 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/AP_924587167782.jpg Check out the latest photos of your favorite celebrities.

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA['Late Night': Rooney Mara 'Hated' Football Games]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 04:00:19 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/NUP_171143_04521.JPG

Rooney Mara may have football in her blood, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she actually liked watching the game.

“I hated it,” she confessed to “Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Tuesday. Mara’s family has founded two NFL teams – her mother’s family founded the Pittsburgh Steelers and her father’s family founded the New York Giants.

Mara said she began associating football with church because her family attended games after church every Sunday when she was a child.

“Everyone else was in their sweatpants eating crappy food,” she said. “And I was in my Sunday church clothes.”

Even though she wasn’t a big fan of football growing up, she does have a soft spot for her home team.

“I grew up in New York and my dad works for the Giants,” she said. “The Giants definitely have the edge.”

Mara is starring in “Pan”, which is set for release on Oct. 9.

Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC]]>
<![CDATA['Tonight Show': Jay Leno Delivers Monologue Jokes]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 01:59:37 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/leno1.png After Jimmy Fallon pulls a hamstring during the "Tonight Show" monologue, Jay Leno tags in and tells a few jokes.]]> <![CDATA['Tonight Show' Asks People About Google Searches]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 07:43:58 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/street+search.png After learning Google Ads will start targeting according to search history, Jimmy Fallon sends his writer Arthur Meyer to the street to ask people about their latest Google searches.]]> <![CDATA[ 'Late Night' Hidden TV Show Credits]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 00:30:49 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/hidden+credits.png "Late Night" host Seth Meyers takes a look at surprising hidden credits from "Dancing With the Stars," "The Price is Right" and "Jeopardy."]]> <![CDATA['Late Night': Rooney Mara Attended Football Games in Sunday Best]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 00:31:26 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/mara.png Football royalty Rooney Mara tells "Late Night" host Seth Meyers about having to dress up to attend games.]]> <![CDATA[First Latin AMAs: Jam, Eglesias Lead Noms]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 18:58:34 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/Enrique-Iglesias-Nicky-Jam-J-Balvin.jpg

The first ever edition of the Latin American Music Awards is set to debut this week.

Nicky Jam leads the competition for the event on Thursday, Oct. 8, with six nominations, followed by Enrique Iglesias and J Balvin, who are nominated for five awards each. Calibre 50, Maná and Romeo Santos have four nominations each.

The show at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, will be hosted by Mexican superstar Lucero, a well-known telenovela actress and singer. It will be broadcast live on Telemundo from 8 p.m. ET/7C. One of the show’s highlights is expected to be a special tribute to the Queen of Salsa, Cuban singer Celia Cruz. Cruz passed away in 2003 and is the subject of the upcoming series "Celia," debuting Oct. 13 on Telemundo.

The list of nominees include Ricky Martin, Plan B, Julion Alvarez y su Norteño Banda, Juan Gabriel, Dady Yankee and Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga, with three nominations each. Camila, Chino y Nacho, Chiquis Rivera, DJ Snake, Gente de Zona, Gerardo Ortiz, Prince Joyce and Zion & Lennox, are nominated with two each.

Artists set to perform during the ceremony include Mexican pop singer Gloria Trevi, Mexican regional music singer Gerardo Ortiz, and the Italian trio Il Volo.

The Latin American Music Awards will also pay tribute to the most influential artists according to fans, just as they do in the American Music Awards edition.

Fans will be able to cast a vote for their favorite artists, albums, songs at www.LatinAMAS.com/vota. Fans throughout the world will also be able to cast a vote via Twitter, sharing a tweet with the name and last name of the candidate, category and the hashtag #LatinAMAS.

The two-hour special will include performances from today's top artists and singers in Spanish and English, as well as the LAMA’s Red Carpet, at 8PM/7C. The show will also be broadcast by NBC Universo.

Click here for more Latin AMAs coverage in Spanish

(NBC and Telemundo are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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<![CDATA[Jay Leno's Auto Focus]]> Tue, 06 Oct 2015 13:16:23 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/AP384824990812.jpg

The scene could have come straight out of a taped segment from Jay Leno's version of "The Tonight Show": The host, disguised as a bald Uber driver sporting hipster whiskers, whisks around unsuspecting passenger. 

"If you could have Jay Leno or Dave Letterman be your driver, which one would you choose?" he asks a young woman sitting in the backseat. 

The hidden-camera bit drives a preview for "Jay Leno's Garage," a show built around the comedian's well-known love for cars. Some 20 months after he left "The Tonight Show" for good, Leno has gone from "Jaywalking" to Jayriding with the new program, which debuts Wednesday on CNBC. He's earned a trip on his own terms.

Leno’s question to his passenger suggests, jokingly or otherwise, that he's not ready to leave behind his infamous feud with Letterman, which erupted nearly a quarter-century ago over who would replace Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show." 

The new, gentler Leno-Letterman competition, though, takes place in another arena: life after late night. Their shared role model Carson didn't leave them much of a guide. He all but disappeared from public life after his final broadcast in 1992, save for a couple of cameos on Letterman's "Late Show." 

In July, Letterman made a surprise appearance during a Steve Martin-Martin Short event in San Antonio and delivered a Top 10 list of “Interesting Facts About Donald Trump” (No. 10: “That thing on his head was the gopher in ‘Caddyshack’”).

Letterman has made rumblings about returning to the entertainment world in some form. And he’s cited the example of Jerry Seinfeld, whose web show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" offers a fun, low-key way to keep in the spotlight without raising expectations of ever topping "Seinfeld." (In a chat with Seinfeld last year, Letterman said he was “envious” of him and joked about starting a program called, "Comedians On Horseback Getting Coffee.")

Leno seems to be following the roadmap of fellow auto aficionado Seinfeld, combining frequent stand-up appearances and with a modest, tightly focused show designed to get laughs by sharing a personal interest. 

The CNBC program, which promises looks at classic cars and “super cars” with guests that include Laurence Fishburne, Keanu Reeves and Tim Allen, seems to run at about the right pace for a comic with a familiar style – and look – that's built for comfort. In the hidden camera segment, the young woman tells her Uber driver that she finds Leno more interesting than Letterman because of “that chin” – showing that Leno is willing to take a compliment and insult wrapped into one for the cause of comedy.

Check out a preview of "Jay Leno's Garage" as the comedian shifts his career into a new gear.



Jere Hester is Director of News Products and Projects at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. He is also the author of "Raising a Beatle Baby: How John, Paul, George and Ringo Helped us Come Together as a Family." Follow him on Twitter.

Photo Credit: AP
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<![CDATA[Tom Hanks Finds Lost ID, Tweets About It]]> Wed, 07 Oct 2015 03:59:40 -0700 http://media.nbcbayarea.com/images/213*120/tom+hanks_fixed.jpg

If you're a Fordham student who lost a student ID and your name is Lauren, you'll want to give Tom Hanks a call.

The "Castaway" actor tweeted a photo of the lost Fordham University ID at about noon on Tuesday. Fordham said it would get in touch with Hanks to get the ID back for the student, identified only as "Lauren."

"Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park. If you still need it my office will get to you. Hanx," the actor tweeted. 

The photo was retweeted more than 3,000 times, and it looks like the reach may have helped get in touch with someone who knew Lauren. Hannah Anderson tweeted a photo of a woman resembling Lauren in response.

"When Tom Hanks finds your friend's student ID in the park....," Anderson later tweeted.

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>