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Spider-Man's Dance-Off With Baby Spider-Man in New Evian "Baby and Me" Ad Will Be the Cutest Thing You See Today




    Evian has debuted the latest commercial from its ongoing "Baby & Me" campaign, this time tapping into the buzz surrounding the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man 2" by utilizing the web-slinging superhero in the quest to get people craving a cool swig of premium bottled water.

    And as the campaign promises, there's a baby, of course!

    The full-sized hero is swinging around the city when he comes face to face with a miniature version of himself--and what results is just adorable.

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    To the sounds of a cover of Ini Kamoze's "Here Comes the Hotstepper" (blast from the past alert!), they hang upside down, sling webs, jump rope at varying speeds (super-fast is the cutest) and then...

    They have a dance-off.

    There's some robot action, some body waves, backflips, moonwalking... all of it darn enjoyable to watch. And you might even want to dance a bit yourself.

    In fact, we highly recommend that a dance-off be included in "The Amazing Spider-Man 3," should there be one.

    In the meantime, the second installment, starring real-life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone along with Jamie Foxx, Paul Giammati and Dane DeHaan, hits theaters May 2.

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