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Stewart Mocks NFL Referees Strike, Replaces "Daily Show" Correspondents With Actors

"America finally learned what it would take to quickly settle a labor dispute: a blown offensive interference call and in interception call."



    Actor Patrick Stewart fills in for the senior "Daily Show" correspondent, who was emboldened by the NFL labor dispute to go on strike.

    “The Daily Show” correspondents took aim at the NFL referee strike and furor over replacement refs by staging a strike of their own.

    Host Jon Stewart kicked off the segment on Wednesday's episode by discussing a labor dispute involving “irreplaceable working men and women.”

    “America finally learned what it would take to quickly settle a labor dispute,” Stewart mocked. “A blown offensive interference call and interception call.”

    Stewart also used the dispute to take a swipe at Paul Ryan, and how the GOP vice presidential candidate likened the need to do away with replacement refs to his aim of replacing the Obama administration.

    Mocking Paul Ryan’s logic, Stewart said one could easily connect Jerry Sandusky to President Obama, who is “the person really raping America’s children … with his unfunded mandates.”

    Throwing to correspondent John Oliver, who was sent to cover the dispute, Stewart was bewildered to discover British actor Sir Patrick Stewart standing in his place as the “Senior Replacement Correspondent.”

    “Your correspondents, emboldened by the NFL labor dispute, have also gone on strike,” said Sir Stewart, by way of explanation. “Until then, we replacement correspondents, myself, Pacino, Glen Close … will attempt to hold down the fort!”

    Sir Stewart was quite keen on his new gig and refused to leave. That is, until the real John Oliver disclosed what the yearly salary was, to which the dramatic actor responded, “No f---ing way.”

    To see Sir Patrick Stewart try his hand at being a news correspondent, check out the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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