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Stories From the Investigative Unit

  • Scientists Question Using Waste Water From Oil Fields

    It’s been done for two decades but after the release of a new report, controversy is building. Should farmers irrigate crops with waste water from oil extraction? Even with recent rains, the demand for water sources is high. About 80 percent of the water used by Californians goes to agriculture. Stephen Stock investigates as scientists call for a halt to the practice until more is known about the chemicals in that water.

  • Research Labs Home to 100K Monkeys, Critics Call 'Barbaric'

    At research facilities across the country, scientists say testing and experiments involving non-human primates are essential to human health. Animal rights advocates, however, argue the science is outdated, barbaric and deadly.

  • Civil Rights Violations Found at School After Racist Threats

    Evan Mack says his classmates took his dignity, then his school failed to act. He says he was subjected to a long pattern of harassment because of the color of his skin. Mack’s parents say the district hasn’t met its expectations, and the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit found their claims are backed up by other students, and a federal investigation. Investigative Reporter Liz Wagner reports in a story that aired on Feb. 15, 2017.

  • Companies Working on Tehama Site Have History of Violations

    Records from the Office of Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, from the U.S. Department of Labor reveal two companies working on the 41 Tehama St. construction site have a history of violations.

  • Who’s Accountable for the California Housing Crisis

    From Bay Area tech workers living in tiny offices to families squeezing into illegally converted garages, the lack of affordable housing has prompted an unknown number of people into potentially unsafe living conditions. Senior investigative reporter Vicky Nguyen asks the state housing czar Ben Metcalf how the state is holding cities accountable for building their fair share of housing in a report that first aired February 13, 2017.

  • We Investigate: Surviving the Drought

    The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit traveled halfway around the world to investigate solutions to California’s water crisis. Sr. Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock found that in Israel they faced a similar crisis eight years ago, and now they have so much water they sell it to other countries. As it turns out, California’s water problems may have less to do with rain and more to do with the state’s water policies.