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Stories From the Investigative Unit

  • 70% of IRS Phone Tax Scams Involve iTunes Cards: Feds

    As the April 18 filing deadline quickly approaches, many tax payers are looking forward to the end of tax season. But for state and federal investigators, tax fraud has quickly grown into a year-round problem with consequences for all tax payers.

  • Tesla Factory Workers Threaten to Shred Coworker into Pieces

    An East Bay man says his employer, Tesla, failed to take action after learning that factory workers at the company’s Fremont manufacturing plant made a threatening video at work. He says the video is proof of the harassment he experienced on the line, and can’t understand why the company ignored it. Tesla is admitting to NBC Bay Area that it dropped the ball. Liz Wagner reports in a story that aired on March 27, 2017.

  • San Jose Homes to Remain Vulnerable to Floods for Years

    Plans to better protect San Jose neighborhoods from flooding date back nearly 20 years and have cost tax payers millions of dollars, but not a single project has been constructed.

  • Oakland Hired Pricey PR Agency after Deadly Warehouse Fire

    The City of Oakland hired a public relations firm, in a deal worth up to $90,000, to serve as official media consultants and spokespeople following the city’s deadly warehouse fire.

  • More Bad News for San Francisco's Troubled Millennium Tower

    NBC Bay Area has learned earthquake safety assurances at the Millennium Tower did not account for a seismic vulnerability hidden inside the walls of the already sinking and tilting 58-story structure. Jaxon Van Derbeken reports.

  • We Investigate: Surviving the Drought

    The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit traveled halfway around the world to investigate solutions to California’s water crisis. Sr. Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock found that in Israel they faced a similar crisis eight years ago, and now they have so much water they sell it to other countries. As it turns out, California’s water problems may have less to do with rain and more to do with the state’s water policies.