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Apple, PG&E Aren't the Only Ones Ticked at Chamber of Commerce

Organization greeted by protests in San Francisco



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    When controversy comes to San Francisco, it usually stays at the Fairmont.

    The United States Chamber of Commerce is holding its convention in San Francisco this week, and for those who consider the city anti-business, well, we made good on that stereotype.

    However, the organization has seen a number of high-profile defections by actual big businesses, including locally loathed monopolist Pacific Gas & Electric and locally beloved mobile phone design company Apple.

    Those companies are angered by the organizations skepticism about the human contribution to global warming -- the chamber doesn't want any pesky regulation that might require businesses to accommodate for externalities like pollution that threatens the planet.

    So it probably should come as no surprise that folks from the Sierra Club showed up to protests at the conventions locations around Nob Hill.

    However, unlike Apple and PG&E, protesters also singled out the organization for its opposition to living wages for workers and health care reform.

    Because lord knows that PG&E and Apple would be happy to let those issues slide.

    Photo by Flickr user kke227.

    Jackson West figures event organizers must have hoped the ghost of Milton Friedman would show up.