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Conference Searches for Next YouTube, Craigslist



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    There is a conference for all the next great developers going on right now in the South Bay.

    Anyone looking to create the next Myspace, You Tube or Craigslist may be interested in the first ever user generated content conference.

    It's going on at the San Jose Convention Center and 500 bloggers, amateur photographers and musicians hoping to cash in on their hobby signed up for the convention in hopes of getting the tools to become the new wave of entrepreneurs.

    "The more normal people find that they can create their own content and that they can put their own opinion out there, the more it will grow," said Caitlin Hill, the co-founder of "We've already got thosands of people doing their own news, making their own TV shows, and it can only get bigger. It can only get more professional."

    The convention continues Tuesday and organizers hope to make it an annual event.