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Facebook Open Sources its Server Software



    Facebook Open Sources its Server Software

    Facebook has decided to share some details about its system architecture and make public the source code that powers it. In a note posted by one of the company’s engineers, Facebook describes how it went about choosing its technology stack and ultimately arrived at the decision to build its own server – called Scribe – to make sure Facebook could scale to hundreds of millions of users.

    Scribe is available as a project on SourceForge, where developers can track updates, request features, and submit bug reports. Facebook has a number of other open source projects in the works, including Facebook Open Platform, which offers up much of the Facebook code and enables other social networks – like Friendster – to let developers easily migrate their Facebook applications over.

    Unlike other social networks like Friendster, MySpace, and Twitter – all of whom have run into serious scalability issues at different points during their growth - Facebook has been mostly reliable throughout its rise. So, if you have the bravado to think your Web app may someday handle “a few billion messages a day” (as Facebook says in their note), you may want to give Scribe a look.

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