Supermarket Bonanza Coming to a 'Burb Near You

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    Yamini Chao
    Get ready for a bunch of new options in the Bay Area if you're in the market for a head of lettuce.

    Get ready for a bunch of new options if you're in the market for a head of lettuce.

    Several grocery chains are slated to open around the Bay Area in the coming month, and they all want to be seen as offering high-quality food at low prices. Shoppers could be the winners in this situation, with price wars pushing costs lower and lower. Of course, retailers may attempt to compensate for lower prices by obtaining cheaper products, so caveat emptor.

    Alas, City dwellers won't see much benefit from this grocery renaissance. Most new stories are popping up in more suburban areas. Those include Henry's Farmers Market in Walnut Creek, Sprouts Farmers Market in Dublin, Fresh & Easy in Concord and Danville and Foods Co in East Oakland.

    And there's also a little bit of activity in neighborhoods closer to the City. A new Whole Foods is slated for the western end of Stanyan and Haight, where the former Cala Bell has been gutted. And rumors circulated earlier this year about a Fresh & Easy popping up in the Richmond, way out by 32nd Ave, but it looks like that store has been delayed.

    Organic, fresh foods are all the rage right now, with customers leery of anything too artificial. But choice is popular too, so if that non-hydrogenated peanut butter doesn't float your boat, you'll probably be able to pick up a jar of the chemical variety too.