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Calif. Teen Asks Supermodel Kate Upton To Prom, Who Says "Maybe"

High school senior's ambitious ask achieves fame.



    On a perch overlooking Los Angeles, high school senior Jake Davidson asks Kate Upton to be his prom date in a viral video that has garnered tens of thousands of views and the model's attention.

    Thanks to social media, we have had the Arab Spring -- and now a Los Angeles teen has had a phone call, and a possible date to the prom, with supermodel Kate Upton.

    Jake Davidson, a 17-year old high school senior, went big when looking for someone to accompany him to his senior prom. A USC film student put together a montage of him sitting poolside reading Sports Illustrated (with Kate Upton on the cover), shaving and doing push-ups, which ends in him on one-knee, asking Kate Upton -- yes, THAT Kate Upton -- to the prom.

    And Kate Upton? Via Twitter, she issued a "firm maybe," Davidson said Wednesday.

    "How could I turn down that video!" Upton tweeted on March 19, before telling "The Today Show" that the video was "hilarious and so creative." "I'll check my schedule."

    Upton saw Davidson's tweet thanks to the massive onslaught of viewers his video received since it was posted on Sunday, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

    The video has received 1.1 million views on YouTube.