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YouTube Video Captures Motorcyclist, 2 Bicyclists Walking Away From 3-Man Pileup on Mulholland Drive

One bicycle rider can be seen flipping backwards through the air before slamming down on the ground



    A YouTube video posted on April 27 captured a motorcycle driver ramming into two bicycle riders on a winding stretch of Mulholland Drive.

    Three people miraculously walked away from a pileup on a winding corner of Mulholland Drive after a motorcycle slammed into two bicycles, sending one rider flipping through the air.

    A YouTube video (shown below) published on April 27 captured the canyon road collision and showed the motorcycle ramming into both bicycles from behind.

    YouTube user Rnickeymouse uploaded the video onto “Mulholland Riders,” a YouTube channel that has at least 15 other videos of motorcycle crashes on the canyon road in the last year.

    In the April 27 video, the motorcyclist slammed into the bicycle rider, who flipped backwards over the motorcycle before landing on the ground.

    “Call 911!” one bystander said in the video. “Nothing is bleeding terribly, except for that arm.”

    “He’s conscious, he’s moving,” another bystander said.

    The riders were on the ground just a few moments before they appeared to have walked away with no serious injuries.

    The video showed a California Highway Patrol officer, an ambulance and a fire truck responding to the scene. A tow truck removed the motorcycle.

    It is not known whether the motorcyclist was ticketed or charged.

    Often the site of roadway accidents, Mulholland Drive was where a fatal crash occurred last April in which a motorcyclist was killed while driving through a Hollywood Hills neighborhood.