Electric Car Travels World-Record 345 Miles on a Charge

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    Here's one for Earth Week: Sanyo is crowing about its latest lithium-ion battery tech, powering a Daihatsu Mira electric car 345 miles on a single charge. The little car made the trip from Tokyo to Osaka in an unspecified amount of time, and we're thinking that high-mileage achievement might have been thanks to its delicate driver as much as its battery technology.

    In sheer number of batteries, it beats the Tesla Roadster's 6,831 laptop batteries, with 8,320 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries under the hood. Even with all the weight of thousands of little batteries, that Guinness Book of World Records-breaking 345 miles is getting close to the level where people might feel comfortable driving an electric car. Now they can just make it charge in 10 minutes, they'd have a hit on their hands.

    Via CrunchGear