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Newsom Dedicates Solar Plant

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    Gavin Newsom's a busy guy -- not only did he just announce that he's writing a book about social media, but he also just dedicated a clean energy plant in Fremont.

    On Earth Day, Newsom popped up at a ribbon-cutting for Solaria, a company that manufactures -- and is powered by -- solar components.

    Solar power is an important component of California's economic recovery. American companies have languished as European and Asian companies have enjoyed a more substantial government investment.

    Newsom has always has a passion for solar power, and oversaw plans to install solar panels on city buildings during his time as mayor.

    Governor Jerry Brown has gotten into the clean energy act as well, signing a bill that will require energy companies to use renewable sources for a third of their power by 2020. A Solaria official pointed to recent ecological disasters involving dirty power like coal as evidence that solar is a superior power source.