Marin County: Very Healthy, But Unequal

Across the Golden Gate, everyone is healthy. Well, not everyone.

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    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Health is just a bridge away. For some people.

    Marin is California's healthiest county.

    Now, if only all of its residents could enjoy such good fortune.

    Economic well-being, a fine climate, physical exercise and other hallmarks of Marin life make the North Bay a repository of ruddy, rawboned people vigorously loving life, the Marin Independent Journal reported.

    But somehow, the county has school districts where half of the kids are obese -- and those are largely poorer schools, the newspaper reported.

    Marin City, for example, has health rates closer to "Average America," the newspaper reported.

    And the county fared poorly in rates of drinking and consuming illegal drugs.

    Twenty-two percent of Marin adults also reported binge-drinking recently.