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1910 Time Capsule Opened at San Francisco School



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    A San Francisco elementary school has to break through concrete to get to a 100 year old time capsule.

    Students at San Francisco's Cleveland Elementary School got a rare treat this week when they opened a time capsule left to them by fellow students 100 years ago.

    The copper box was hidden at the school during its construction and discovered by a former student who found out about it while doing research at the San Francisco library.

    Now to the good part.  The box contained photos of the students from 1910, a letter addressed to the current mayor of San Francisco, a salary schedule and letters.

    The writers talked about how the school was the only permanent structure on Athens Street in the City's Excelsior District which was still recovering from the 1906 earthquake.

    It came with a prediction that the block would be lined with "fine mansions" by 2010.
    "It's a great opportunity for students to gain a broader  perspective of not only the history of the school, but of the lives of the  generations before that set foot in the school and sat in the classrooms they  sit in," San Francisco Unified School District spokeswoman Heidi Anderson told Bay City News.