20,000 Calif. Gun Owners "Ineligible" To Own Firearms

Felony or drug convictions mean gun owners need to surrender their arms.

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    Tens of thousands of Californians have legally-registered firearms but are ineligible under the law to possess them, according to reports.

    It will take over three years and $25 million to recover these rogue weapons, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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    The news comes from a Sacramento legislative committee, which was told that 19,784 gun owners have lost their right to bear arms due to "felony convictions, domestic violence actions, mental health conditions" or other situations, according to the newspaper.

    Nevertheless, these same people own 39,000 handguns and 1,600 assault weapons.

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    The list of ineligible firearms owners grows by 3,000 people per year, according to state Department of Justice staffers.

    The Legislature needs to provide another $8 million per year to pay for necessary enforcement, according to the state DOJ.