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49ers Ask Santa Clara Workers to Change Schedules to Allow MNF

Monday night games won't work unless Santa Clara office workers depart early.

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    Josh Keppel
    This won't be a Monday night event unless quitting time for area office workers is pushed up.

    Santa Clara won't be ready for some football unless the local workers can be let off the job.

    The 49ers have asked businesses next to the new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara to change their schedules, so that Monday Night Football games can be played, according to Consumerist.

    The new stadium has ample parking -- but only on the weekends. During the week, zones reserved for Sunday tailgating instead house the cars of worker bees at nearby firms.

    But during the week, the stadium's 70,000 fans have nowhere to park -- unless the parking lots can be emptied, the Web site reported.

    A nearby community college, which has 2,200 spaces it is renting to the 49ers on Sundays, says that it might not be an option.