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"All You Can Drink" Promotions At Golden Gate Fields Cause Concern

$30 for endless well drinks isn't sitting well with some.



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    And they're off -- to the endless well drinks offered to anyone who can pony up $30 on Saturday.

    All the alcohol you can pour down your gullet for only $30 -- what could go wrong?

    Plenty, say opponents of the promotion at horse racing track Golden Gate Fields, who have begun the promotion to reel in a "younger crowd," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The first edition of "Bottomless Saturdays" is scheduled for this week, but an "anonymous group" of employees are trying to halt it, the newspaper reported.

    The "health and welfare of our fellow employees, patrons, and any other potential victims of drunken behavior and drunk driving"' are at risk, the employees say -- and Mothers Against Drunk Driving also think the $30 all-you-can-drink promotion is a bad idea, too.

    Events like this do nothing but encourage "binge drinking," the newspaper reported.

    Race track officials say the promotion is aimed at the 25-to 35-year old crowd, who complain that there's not bankroll enough to go to the track, eat and drink -- and then have money left over to gamble on the ponies, the newspaper reported.

    There will be extra security out at the track, and there will be bartenders with training in reining in unruly drinkers, the Chronicle reported.

    The racetrack will also cut the promotion short if it proves problematic.