Allegations of Pinching at School Where Toddler Was Tied Up

Second abuse allegation at Pleasanton preschool in 90 days.

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    The East Bay preschool that landed in hot water for supposedly tying up a toddler that wouldn't sit still is now in trouble for something else.


    A staffer at Centerpoint Christian Preschool in Pleasanton allegedly pinched a student in February, CBS News first reported.

    The state has fined the school $150, SF Weekly reported, for what is the second abuse case in less than 90 days.

    The tied-up toddler situation is not related; in that imbroglio, former teacher Angela Calcagno is accused of using masking tape tie up a recalcitrant toddler who refused to take a nap, the newspaper reported.

    The alleged pincher is a "former" substitute teacher who no longer teachers at the school, the newspaper reported.