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Anti-Government Link In Man Charged With 145 Pounds of Explosives

A Peninsula man had bombs, guns and grew pot



    A Brisbane man who will stand trial for possessing 15 pounds of explosives may have connections to a group with an anti-government ideology, according to reports.

    William Myles Harrell, 46, will stand trial for possessing explosives and another weapon, growing marijuana, and child endangerment, according to the Bay Area News Group. He also may be affiliated with the "sovereign citizens," a "loose connection of at least 100,000 believers in the U.S. who say the government does not have a legitimate authority," according to the newspaper.

    Prosecutors did not mention that link in court on Thursday, and Harrell's attorney stated that there's no evidence that the explosives found in Harrell's garage belong to him.

    Police visited Harrell's home on Oct. 1 to respond to reports of a fight with his then-girlfriend, the newspaper reported. They found, stashed in a closet in his garage, $36,100 in cash and 80 grams of marijuana along with the 145 pounds of "commercial-grade" Iremite brand explosives.

    The explosives were "stable" but could have been set off in a house fire or other unforeseen situation, police said.

    Cops also found marijuana growing in a warehouse in Moss Beach connected to Harrell, the newspaper reported.

    He is free on $500,000 bail.