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Just Who Is 'The Machine'? The Governator Knows

Inside joke no longer inside baseball about Wilson's alter-ego / friend

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    At the Giant World Series victory parade Wednesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a little fun in his speech, mentioning an S&M joke involving Brian Wilson. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010)

    During San Francisco's City Hall celebration Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made a joke about Giants' closer Brian Wilson and his alter-ego "the Machine." 

    It wasn't clear if the governor knew that "The Machine" refers to a near-naked man wearing only leather and chains -- an inside joke between Wilson and Fox Sports anchor Chris Rose"The Machine" appears :34 into this video.

    "I thought I was the only machine as the Terminator, but now you also have a Machine on your team.  So congratulations to The Machine," Schwarzenegger said Wednesday.

    Very funny to the folks watching at home on TV who understood the real story.  It wasn't clear if the live audience could understand exactly what Schwarzenegger was saying on the huge Civic Center plaza speakers.

    Wilson certainly got the joke.  He got a chuckle out of it for sure.