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Arnold's Next Campaign



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     Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a far-reaching water bond passed last week by the California Legislature intended to restore the ailing estuary at the heart of the state's water system.
    Standing against the backdrop of a dwindling Sierra Nevada reservoir, the governor Monday vowed to mount an all-out campaign to persuade voters they should approve the $11 billion measure on next November's ballot.

    Environmentalists and some fiscal conservatives have raised concerns about the measure, which seeks to increase California's water supply by building new dams and underground storage to save up water in dry years.

    NewsConference: Historic California Water Bill Signed

    [LA] NewsConference: Historic California Water Bill Signed
    Asm. Mike Feuer, Jeffrey Kightlinger, Metro Water District Jim Metropulos, Sierra Club California
    (Published Friday, May 6, 2011)

    Even as other Western states tear down dams to protect native fish species, Schwarzenegger has been a consistent champion for dam construction.