BART Chief: Second Video of Civic Center Shooting Worthless | NBC Bay Area

BART Chief: Second Video of Civic Center Shooting Worthless


    BART's lead boss says video footage is not as damning as some say.

    The video cameras at Civic Center/UN Plaza BART station were rolling during the July 3 fatal shooting there, but footage from a second camera filming the scene during the fatal shooting of transient Charles Hill has revealed...

    Nothing of any value, according to BART's police chief.

    Following release of footage last week, in which a BART officer can be seen discharging his weapon after an object -- said to be a knife -- was thrown in his direction, BART police chief Kenton Rainey had originally said that there was no other footage. He was wrong -- there is footage, it just isn't of anything.

    No sign of the shooting can be seen in the video of the platform area about 600 feet away from the shooting area, according to the San Francisco Appeal.

    The official statement is that the video has "no evidentiary value." Which means, evidently, that it's worthless.

    An investigation into the fatal shooting of Hill, 45, is still ongoing.